I’m Listening.

I haven’t written for a while. Not for the entire 111 days of Norah’s life dates. Not yet in the remaining days of the, now, most difficult month of our lives.

The outreach we received during Norah’s birthday, and again during the days surrounding her “deathday” was incredible. We’re beyond grateful for all of your love, compassion, and ongoing prayers. (I tried to reply to everyone who reached out – if I missed anyone, I’m sorry!)

I’ve spent this season, Norah’s season, very secluded (not just physically). It’s almost like I self-quarantined my mind and my heart for protection and healing.

A lot has transpired for me.

A lot of brokenness. A lot of healing.

A lot of guidance. (~From Norah, from God, from Mother Nature, from the Universe, from my new self.)

I hope to write again soon.

Until then, I’ll continue listening. And praying for peace… for the entire world.

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