Heroes Among Us

Officer “L” was first on the scene. I remember seeing him running up our stairs and I instantly knew we were in the presence of a hero. Not only did he do everything in his power to attempt to resuscitate Norah, but he comforted me, literally held me, as I broke down knowing that our baby girl was no longer with us. After Hank and I left in the second ambulance, while my mom was left at our house with Addy and Sydney, Officer “L” sat and held them, when their Daddy couldn’t be there to offer comfort. This man is a true hero, not only for putting his life on the line everyday for our community, but because he has compassion and a heart that truly cares about others.

Detective “S” was on the scene before we left for the hospital. He was so professional and yet so kind. It was obvious that, while needing to do a difficult job, he had empathy for what we were experiencing. We met up with him again for interviewing, in the hospital room where our sweet girl was pronounced dead. He did his job meticulously but also showed his “human” side and offered his condolences as we sat there weeping over Norah’s lifeless body.

Penn Hills Police Department is so lucky to have these men on their force. Our community is so lucky to have them fighting for our safety. Our family is so lucky to have had these guys on scene for the absolute worst day of our lives. We’re grateful for all police officers, but right now we’re extra thankful for these two men.

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