Needing Some Peace of Mind

August 21, 2017

Due to my “advanced maternal age” (diagnosis: “Supervision of elderly multigravida, first trimester” to be exact!) my OB recommended that I undergo a non-invasive genetic screening test. The test advertises some key benefits:

  • Peace of mind
  • Preparing for a baby’s special needs if a genetic problem is found.
  • Helping to make decisions about how best to care for your pregnancy.

I had been stressing over the health and well-being of a third child, long before I was even pregnant. I was worried that we were “pushing the limits” after having two other perfectly healthy girls. We knew that we (I) needed this test.

This test also allowed us to know the baby’s gender. My heart told me “it’s a girl!” For some reason, choosing a girl name this time was easy for us. We would name her something strong, something Celtic. We would name her Norah Claire.

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