Here Comes Baby #3!

July 4, 2017

The day we found out I was pregnant with baby #3.

Holy s***!

What a surprise!!

How did this happen??? (Oh, wait…)

Addy & Sydney had prayed for a baby brother or sister for an entire year now. Daily prayers asking God to “put a baby in Mommy’s belly.” Laughing at me when I said it wasn’t going to happen. (Funny how kids have a way of connecting directly with God.) I asked that they begin to pray for us to win the Mega Millions; little did we know, we were already rich beyond belief.

After the initial shock wore off, mostly due to our “advancing age” and trying to figure out how we would juggle being outnumbered, we rejoiced. We knew this was meant to be. It was the luck of the Irish! Our littlest love was due on St. Patrick’s Day 2018, which also happened to be our 8th anniversary.

And so our journey began, as we embraced our new life, as a family of 5…

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