Project 111

This year, during the month of February ~Norah’s birth month~ we’re hoping to honor her life and keep memories alive by creating something extremely special for our family. We will be building a memorial rock garden in our yard and we would be honored if all of you could help create it.

Those interested in participating:

1. Must be age 0-111 to participate

2. Find a small river rock

3. Use acrylic paint to paint something that reminds you of Norah (acrylic won’t wash off and paint pens may be easiest).

4. Write your name and location somewhere on the rock.

5. If you’d like, send a photo of you with your memorial rock. Tag us and #norahslight

6. Deliver to us or mail the rock to us (our very kind post office lady has given permission to have them mailed to the address below).

7. Reach out to us privately if you need cost of supplies and/or shipping costs covered.

8. Feel free to share this post.

Thank you all for your continued love and support. We’re grateful for the strong and faithful army that walks beside us.

Guerke Family

2963 National Pike

Box 206

Chalkhill, PA 15421

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