Gifts of Love and Light

Reliving “the space between” (Norah’s life and death) proved harder than I had anticipated. Although, I tend to not anticipate much of anything anymore, because nothing is predictable. Nothing.

I’ve been “quiet” during these days because I had nothing to say, nothing to convey, nothing to openly sort through. I was simply “sitting” and “listening” and “learning.”

Admittedly, there were weeks early on in the “space between,” that I experienced the lowest of lows. There were times I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep going. Times in which I cried out to God, and to the universe, and to anyone who would listen, that this life was so damn unfair. But Norah interceded. She gave me clarity and showed me the beauty that was still in front of me, even that of her life, and her death. She encouraged me to keep going.

I suddenly realized, as we closed this chapter last Saturday afternoon at 2:39pm, and as we were preparing for the funeral of my Nanny, who was deeply connected to Norah, the experiences we’ve had in this space between were Norah’s gifts of love and light:

  • Clarity
  • Beauty
  • The ability to slow down
  • Patience
  • Opportunities
  • Truly listening, even in silence; especially in silence
  • Nature
  • Connection
  • Enlightenment

Through a lot of pain and a lot of tears, a lot of grinding into the depths of my soul, I survived. Because of the way she presents herself to us. Because of the way she has made intercessions for her family, especially her sisters (thank you, Norah), and many others. The way she has strengthened her Momma and Daddy’s marriage. The way she has restored faith for so many here on this Earth. The way she has shown us the important things in life. I know now that I’ll continue to survive, because of the gifts of love and light that Norah gives to this world.

2633 hours and 39 minutes is all we had with her here on Earth.

2633 hours and 39 minutes that we’re so grateful for.

2633 hours and 39 minutes that has led us into a lifetime of love and light.

Norah’s presence is stronger than ever.

Our very first photo with her, at just 40 minutes old
Our very last night together on Earth
Our very last photos with her, after her bright soul had left her sweet body

Click the link below to hear a very special song in our journey.

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