In The Arms of An Angel

Addy was sent home from school yesterday, due to sudden illness. Typically, (aka: in my “previous” life, before losing a child and then experiencing the significant scare of potentially losing another one), I’d stay vigilant but would let my kids rest at home and keep them comfortable while their bodies did the job to fight off an illness. But now, I’m a bit hyper-vigilant (traumatized), and I closely follow my intuition and my fears, when I feel that tug in my mind and in my gut.

Thank God for Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh!

Upon initial assessment in the ED, Addy’s vital signs were not good, which caused the suspicion of septic shock. Because of her unresolved clot, there was concern that a bacterial infection could have formed around her heart.

After several tests, all of which were negative except for one, it was determined that this event was totally caused by Influenza A (which is what she tested positive for). I’m grateful for the doctors and nurses who were very much on top of things.


I’m not quite sure why “things” keep being “thrown” before us. I understand that it’s life. And life can suck. But it has felt very intense lately.

All I can come up with is that these things are “strength-builders.” Constant reminders that we aren’t spared, even though we’ve experienced the greatest loss. I’m not sure why we were chosen or why these things keep happening. But I’ll tell you for certain that it’s continuing to make me a better, more spiritually connected person.

A Note of Love and Light

Exactly one hour before I received the call to pick up Addy, a very important support person in my life sent a text… she had been driving behind a school bus – Bus #111.

The angel number. Norah’s number.

I smiled big and thanked her for sharing this with me. I love seeing signs from our girl, even through those close to us. I didn’t consider something deeper that may have been trying to catch my attention.

Then later, as Addy was being taken back to a room in the ED, a little girl named Norah was called in right behind us.

I’m certain that Addy and Norah have been chosen to serve each other in some capacity beyond what we’re able to fully comprehend. Their very special bond continues, and it’s been amazing to witness, – in both life and in death. 💛 👼🏼

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