Navigating Through the Darkness While Continuing to Spread Light

The past couple of weeks have been as difficult as the first few. We’re learning that this type of grief doesn’t follow the “normal” pattern of stages. The stages of a grieving parent are like a revolving door and each day it’s a surprise as to which one we’ll wake up in; many times we’re in multiple stages all at once. We’re only holding on to each other and our faith at this point.

We’re often unable to answer questions because we don’t know how to. So forgive us for the one line lies that we sometimes respond with, when asked how we’re doing, because we’re too exhausted to tell you the truth.

We’re finding that time does not heal, but actually pulls us further away from when Norah was here with us; further into the reality of her being gone.

We are beginning to discover that in this tragedy a multitude of things happen, while so much stops happening. Some people stay, some people go, some people enter. The world keeps spinning even after ours has stopped.

Nothing is for sure. Nothing makes sense. The next minute could be the end, yet we have to keep navigating through the darkness.

One thing that’s for certain is the love we have for our children. We will care for them and love them with our entire being, regardless of where they are.

For our daughters here on Earth, we vow to continue to give them opportunities for a lifetime of respect, love, happiness, and success. For our daughter in Heaven, we vow to continue to shine her light and spread her magnificence throughout the world, since she no longer has the opportunity to do that for herself.

Thanks to all who continue to stand by us as we embark on this new journey through life.

One thought on “Navigating Through the Darkness While Continuing to Spread Light

  1. I continue to pray for all of you. Sending love hugs and prayers. The description in the black box helped me out also. It is all of the things I have been going thru with loosing my Mom last April. Itbisbine of the hardest things I have went thru.


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