On A Day Like Today

When our girls were babies, I let them “choose” their lullaby. I would play a variety of music until a song came on that seemed to relax them. It took several days to find the right song, but once discovered, that song became their lullaby.

Addy – Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer”

Sydney – John Lennon’s “Imagine”

Norah’s took a little longer than usual to figure out, as most things with her did. Although she was so laid back and happy, she always made me become a detective. She was deep.

She wasn’t soothed by my normal playlist that covered several decades and genres.

I kept trying.


Then one night I remembered a CD we had purchased 9 years ago, when I was pregnant with Addy. A lullaby CD by Jewel. I downloaded the entire playlist and played each song for her, sang to her, as we rocked through the night. She was unfazed, unsettled. Until we got to song #13. The song titled “Angel Standing By”…

I used sing this song to her day and night, but now I realize that it was actually her connecting me to this song, as she was singing it to me; especially on a day like today. We’ve somehow survived an entire month without Norah, but we know that our angel is standing by.

Click the link to hear the song:

One thought on “On A Day Like Today

  1. I don’t know if you remember this or not, but you bought me this CD when I was pregnant with Katie. I used it religiously through the night with all 3 of my girls. It actually surfaced maybe a month and a half ago when I was cleaning out the smaller sizes from Maggie’s closet and I listened to it as I finished the job. That song always stuck out to me and I guess I know why now.


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