The Night Before

For some reason, on Thursday night (June 14th) I decided to wake my littlest love and keep her up past her bedtime. I had been at a meeting at the school and I missed her a lot. I needed to see her.

She and I played in our bed, kissed, chewed on chubby cheeks, rubbed soft hands, tickled, cooed, giggled, loved on each other. Thank you God for that moment… our very last night together.

Note: I hadnt even realized this until so many people pointed it out to me, as this clip played at the funeral home: at 0:32 it seems as though Norah had something big to say to me; at 0:41 her eyes were pulled away towards something I couldn’t see. I even asked her what she was looking at, at which point she looks back and me and smiles. We will cherish this video for the rest of our lives.

One thought on “The Night Before

  1. I think she is saying ‘I know you’ll be allright….yeh! I have never seen a baby so small choo so much and smile so much..her expressions are so focussed! yes she was an angel..out of this world..


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